Are you an adult? Do you love Christmas, but also love the beach? Maybe you don’t have kids or simply just want a break to yourself. Well, not all the beaches on this list are family friendly (fair warning) as these are the craziest beaches to go to on Christmas break. We are talking some wild places and then some just crazy beaches that perhaps you might take a family to. So without further ado, check out these crazy beaches you would never think to go to for Christmas vacation.

20. Black’s Beach, La Jolla, California

This first beach is not, and I repeat, NOT family friendly. This is actually the United States’ first nude beach and has been a nude beach for over 50 years. So if you’re looking to check out some people or just get a full tan then this is the beach you will want to go to this Christmas season. Soak up some sun instead of freezing to death and check out Black’s Beach in La Jolla California. This beach also has over 100-meter-high cliffs that are just simply breathtaking to behold.

19. Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, Australia

If you’re looking to get out of the United States, this Christmas season you really need to check out Lady Bay Beach in Sydney, Australia. Why? It’s clothing optional for one so that always makes it a little crazy, but for another, it’s very secluded. In fact, it will surprise you just how secluded this beach is for being a small narrow beach near a big city like Sydney. You would think this place would be packed, but the truth of the matter is it’s a very relaxing and quiet place to rest your head until the new year.

18. Buhne 16, Sylt, Germany

Buhne 16 in Sylt, Germany is a very cold water beach even in the summer, but it’s also a clothing optional beach that people love to attend throughout the year. Not only is it a classic beach destination often drawn in famous paintings, but it’s also a beach that always has a party going on. You can’t get much crazier than that. Germans know how to party!

17. The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The Baths in Virgin Gorda are crazy only because this beach is known for its volcanic craters. Many people snorkel in them. These clear see-through waters have pools and natural boulders created by a volcanic reaction. It keeps tourists coming back year after year. It’s also a great location for your Christmas vacation. Oh, and the kids can actually come to this beach. It’s known as a holiday-maker attraction.

Which of these first four beaches is calling your name this Christmas?